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Commissions and new products

Hello and happy leap year day!

This month has been pretty full on; I have been working on a wedding invite commission, a jungle themed commission and a new product that you will get to see at the end of this blog!


wedding commission

This is the second wedding commission I have done and I really enjoy doing them - especially when I know the couple personally because I feel like I can capture them in the artwork. I have chosen autumnal colours like oranges, yellows, navy and grey for the illustration because the couple is very outdoorsy and I thought it suited the relaxed outdoors vibe of the wedding.

I can’t wait to show you once it’s finished!


festval commission

I have also been working on a commission for my full-time job at Theatr Clwyd. The theatre has a festival in summer ever year which is all about spending time as a family and getting involved in all types of art. We wanted to create branding for this years festival that was fun, family friendly and something that represented the types of theatre we are having this year. I chose a jungle theme and designed a leafy/rainforest background and a trumpet playing koala which I thought represented the creative play time children can explore throughout the festival.

There is still so much more to do on this project but here is some of the design work I have done so far.


new product

In between commissions, I like to plan my own fun projects and this month I started working on making reusable cotton face pads! I started using reusable cotton face pads a few months ago when I began making a conscious effort to be more sustainable. Previously, I was using 2 cotton pads a day! Thinking about how much I was throwing away, I thought it’s not only bad for the environment, but expensive too! I started trialing handmade reusable cotton pads of different shapes and materials and I started to learn what I liked and what I didn’t like. Then I began to sew my own and created my perfect reusable cotton pad... and here they are!

Handmade reusable cotton pads to cleanse your face!

Square design means no fabric waste!

Soft textured material means easy makeup removal!

They are available NOW on my Etsy!

Thanks for reading - I’m off to plan #marchmeetthemaker which kicks off tomorrow! See you next time!


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