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How to commission an illustrator

Hi everyone!

Since lockdown began, I have been getting a lot more commission enquires which has been a great! I'm so glad that people are using their spare time to get something extra special for their home or as a gift.

This month, I thought I would write about how to commission an illustrator. I hope it's useful to you and you use it to think about your own commissions you can create!

1. Project

This is the logical place to start but also the most fun. Get creative and think what type of commission you would like. You might be flexible and open to ideas or you might have a really set idea. You might want to think about the size, the quantity, the format etc.

Here is a list of commissions I have previously done to give you some ideas:

  • Baby announcement prints

  • Wedding invites

  • Illustrated portraits

  • Children’s books

  • Moving house cards

  • Personalised birthday cards

The possibilities are endless...

2. Appearance

As a multidisciplinary illustrator, I can create artwork that is very varied. Sometimes I get requests from people who would really like a watercolour painting whereas some people are happy for me to have creative freedom. Whether you are flexible or have more of a set idea, it is always useful to mention which of my previous work you like best.

3. Time

Its really useful for the illustrator to know the timescale of your commission. Whether you need it for a certain date for a birthday present, or perhaps you are more flexible, your timescale is an important aspect for creating a successful project. It roughly works out, the sooner you need it, the more expensive the commission fee will be.

4. Budget

The final thing is budget. It is always good to have a think about budget before getting in touch with an illustrator. You might have a set price in mind or you might be happy to discuss options. Whatever your budget, an illustrator will be able to adapt the project to your budget!

Once you have thought about these 4 aspects of your commission, you are ready to get in touch with an illustrator and discuss your ideas!

I hope this was useful if you are thinking about commissioning an illustrator.

See you next month!



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